bio-K&LHello and Welcome!
We are Lauren and Kate, the creators of Ease and Carrots. It wasn’t until one day that Kate nonchalantly mentioned starting a food blog and it was exactly like you see in the cartoons – light bulb! And voila, powers combined, one month later Ease and Carrots was born! Simple as that, right!? Not so much..but really, it did happen fast.

We took a look at all of our friends and the various lifestyles they lead and saw that a major reason for not cooking healthy meals was lack of time. Second, was shortage of ingredients on hand. That’s when we knew we wanted to focus on meals that were not only simple and fast, but also cost effective because they involve little more than basic kitchen ingredients. From this we came up with a food blog dedicated to creating wholesome recipes for families and friends to enjoy.  Simple, yet fresh and delicious.  Just like peas and carrots. 😉 

Meet Lauren
Hi! I’m Lauren, current graphic designer, part-time blogger and full-time food lover (who would have known, right!?). As a born and raised Florida girl, I have a crazy love for the sun and heat. I admit that I could never handle living up north in the winter. I’m always up for finding a new adventure, so loving the outdoors would be an understatement. Photography has been a passion of mine since high school, and it makes me so happy to finally be pursuing it on a regular basis!

I got to marry by best friend, Jon, back in 2012 and we live in a historic area outside of downtown Jacksonville, Florida with our fur baby, Charlie (a.k.a Charles, Cleetus, Smush Face, Mush, Moo, etc.) If we aren’t home, you’ll probably find us outside with our boy somewhere kicking back and enjoying a beer at one of the local breweries.

With a graphic design and photography background, I’ve always been passionate for color and composition, so food photography has constantly sparked my interest. So to say the least, combining design, photography and food all into one just makes my head want to explode with excitement!

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Meet Kate
Hi, my name is Kate.  I am a Registered Dietitian living and working in Jacksonville, FL. I currently work in K-12 school nutrition, a challenge that I love, but keeps me extremely busy. I also serve on the board of the local Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics.

Being a born and raised Florida girl, I love the beach, sun, and the mild “winters” here.  I am trapped inside most of the week working, so I crave as much outdoor time as I can get on the weekends- BBQs, beach time, biking, or even drinking wine on the patio!  I have developed a love of Pilates over the last couple years, so I try to get some practice in weekly as well.

I strive to make healthy eating a priority in my little family’s life (me, my husband JP, and Oscar B. Turkleton!).  This can quickly become challenging with the demands of work, life, and picky eaters (love you, JP). Through the years, I have developed some techniques for creating mostly homemade meals that are healthy, satisfying, and work great as leftovers. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share these ideas with the readers of this blog!

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