GastroFest 2017

gastrofest 2017

gastrofest 2017

Hi friends!

We don’t have a recipe for you today, but we did have an awesome experience at a local food festival we wanted to share with you. Jacksonville peeps, listen up! The best Jacksonville restaurants were out in full force on Saturday, offering sample size portions of a wide variety of foods.  

The restaurants included:

We tried several different things, including:

Short Rib Mac & Cheese from A Perfect Pear Catering – this stuff was awesome. It included both jalapeños and a honey drizzle, so it had the perfect spicy/sweet combo going on.

Crab Cakes from bb’s – these had a great sauce on them, and came over a really fresh tasting salad. Love us some crab cakes!

Black Eyed Pea Salad and Jupiter Rice Grits from Congaree and Penn – This was hands down both of our favorite dish. It was so flavorful- We could probably eat it several times a week as a vegetarian meal! Congaree and Penn was the rice farm we visited at Tour de Farm in 2015- you can read a little bit more about that experience here.

Chickpea and Polenta Triangles from Il Desco – another great vegetarian dish! Though I have to admit, this would have been pretty tasty if combined on the plate with some pulled pork! My favorite part was the balsamic drizzle- one of my favorite ingredients.

Tomato, Garlic Basil Bruschetta with Grilled Pita from Ovinte – If you were looking for some classic good ol’ bruschetta, this would be your go-to. Served with crunchy pita chips, it reminded us of our homemade pita chips that make for a great appetizer with any meal.

Lamb Gyro with Tzatziki, Tomatoes, Red Onion and Arugula on a Grilled Pita from Ovinte – This gyro had AWESOME flavor, and I would say the arugula was a nice touch that I never would have thought of myself. Then all wrapped up in a warm soft pita, you just can’t go wrong there.

As usual, we filled up way too quickly but are already looking forward to next year! What more can you ask for? Sunshine, food, drink, and friends- sounds like a perfect day to us! ☀️

Thought we would share some of our photos below from our fun, food-filled day below:

gastrofest 2017 crabcake

gastrofest 2017 congareepenn

gastrofest 2017 onesie

gastrofest 2017 mouth

gastrofest 2017 kate

gastrofest 2017 gyro

gastrofest 2017 popsicle

So of course the day had to end with a local Guanabana popsicle since well…since I (Lauren), can’t enjoy beer at the moment, I figured making up for it with a popsicle was totally a must.

Till Next Time!

❤️ Kate & Lauren

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